Irrigation 2012

                                 July, 16-20, 2012, Geisenheim, Germany 

We invite you with great pleasure to this exciting and unique conference covering all aspects of irrigation of fruits, vegetables and grapevines. Organized by four working groups of the ISHS, the conference is centred on six main themes across sectors. Its main focus will be on how to address the threat of diminishing water resources and decreasing water quality while production efficiency needs to be increased. Transfer of basic plant physiological and technical understanding into the practical application is a major aim of this meeting.

Main themes are:

  1. Evapotranspiration and canopy processes (keynote speaker: Jochen Schenk)
  2. Irrigation scheduling (keynote speaker: Amos Naor)
  3. Water quality / water re-use and salinity
  4. Modelling and climate change (keynote speaker: Johannes Cullmann)
  5. Remote sensing (keynote speaker: Lyn Jones)
  6. Water / carbon footprint and socio-economic consequences (keynote speaker: Brent Clothier)

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